Ben Ostrer Named to the New York Commission on Forensic Science

May, 2018

Governor Cuomo has appointed Ben Ostrer to New York State’s Commission on Forensic Science. The 14-member commission, which develops minimum standards and accreditation programs for all of the state’s forensic laboratories, includes two members of the criminal defense bar – one private practice attorney and one public defender. Mr. Ostrer fills the private practice attorney position, which was previously held by Peter Neufeld of the Innocence Project.

As one of the Hudson Valley’s leading criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Ostrer has successfully represented defendants in cases both using, and refuting, DNA and other forensic evidence. An attorney with a strong understanding of the forensic testing process and its effect on criminal cases, Mr. Ostrer is a frequent lecturer on the subject.

“It is an honor to be appointed to the private criminal defense attorney position on the Commission on Forensic Science,” says Mr. Ostrer. “DNA and other forms of scientific forensic evidence are routinely used in criminal cases. As a defense attorney, I have witnessed first-hand what can happen when that evidence is not properly collected, tested and interpreted. Justice requires that we ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the state’s forensic testing services. I look forward to the opportunity I have been given to assist in the important work of the Commission.”

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