Criminal Defendant’s Orange County Judgment is Set Aside

People v. Maragh 94 N.Y.2d 569 (2000) The defendant was charged with manslaughter in the first and second degrees in Orange County. The prosecution alleged that he repeatedly assaulted his girlfriend in the abdomen, which caused substantial blood loss and death. It submitted medical evidence, including expert testimony, that the cause of the victim’s death […]

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People vs Thomson

Criminal Defendant’s Saratoga County Judgment is Vacated on Appeal People v. Thomson The defendant allegedly stole a vehicle and led police on a high-speed chase across Albany and Saratoga Counties, which ended when he drove the vehicle into occupied police cars. He was indicted in both counties, where charges against him included attempted murder in […]

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People v. Victor

Criminal Defendant Wins Conviction Dismissal and Judgment Reversal in NY Court of Appeals Case People v. Victor The defendant was convicted in the County Court of Chenango County of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the second and third degrees, conspiracy in the second degree, and criminal possession of a weapon in the second […]

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Child Porn Charges Dismissed

July 2, 2014 - Dismissed

Ostrer & Associates, Marissa Tuohy obtained Appellate Division reversal of Orange County man’s 52 count conviction after trial for possession of sexual performance by a child (child pornography); All charges were later dismissed after case returned to County Court for new trial.

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12 Year Old Murder Conviction Vacated by Saratoga County Court

June 27, 2011

People v. Katherine S. Indictment #M 083-2000 and #M 160-2000V Ben Ostrer & Vernon Broderick, Corey Chivers and Tashanna Pierson obtained an order vacating the 2001 plea of guilty entered in a Saratoga County homicide case by Katherine Seeber, a then 19 year old defendant accused of being complicit in the murder. The Court vacated […]

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