Child Porn Charges Dismissed

July 2, 2014 - Dismissed

Ostrer & Associates, Marissa Tuohy obtained Appellate Division reversal of Orange County man’s 52 count conviction after trial for possession of sexual performance by a child (child pornography); All charges were later dismissed after case returned to County Court for new trial.

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12 Year Old Murder Conviction Vacated by Saratoga County Court

June 27, 2011

People v. Katherine S. Indictment #M 083-2000 and #M 160-2000V Ben Ostrer & Vernon Broderick, Corey Chivers and Tashanna Pierson obtained an order vacating the 2001 plea of guilty entered in a Saratoga County homicide case by Katherine Seeber, a then 19 year old defendant accused of being complicit in the murder. The Court vacated […]

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Monroe Woman Found Not Guilty of all Charges

The Times Herald Record, December 17, 2010

Benjamin Ostrer obtained a not guilty verdict on the second day of deliberations on all charges in a case brought by Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force. The defendant a 23 year old woman had served as a Grand Juror and had been accused of leaking information to targets of the Grand Jury investigation which […]

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Sex Abuse Charges Dismissed

February 18, 2009 - People v. Michael L. Indictment # 703-2008

Secured dismissal of indictment for B Felony Sexual Abuse and related charges based upon the District Attorney’s failure to advise the Grand Jury that the alleged minor victim had denied any misconduct to County Investigators.

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DWI Charges Dismissed

November 18, 2008 - People v. Chris S. Indictment # 531-2008

Obtained dismissal of all charges against local man. Hoovler successfully asserted the Grand Jury had not been properly instructed with respect to the location of the car in the defendant’s driveway.

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