Personal Injury

Dog Bite Victim Wins Appeal

Our client, a 10-year-old boy, was viciously attacked by a dog at the home of a classmate. The classmate’s mother brought the child and her son to their home to work on a school project. When they arrived, the dog was chained outside the house. This was the first time our client had been to […]

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$500,000.00 Settlement For Orange County Man Involved In Motorcycle Accident

April 6, 2017 - B.B. v. B.W. Orange County Index # 4170/2015

$500,000.00 Settlement for a 55 year old Orange County man involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle suffering a fractured humerus, requiring surgery. The matter was mediated before Leonard Kessler in advance of a trial date. Evidence relating to damages was presented by David Darwin on behalf of our client.

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$350,000.00 settlement for a 37 year old woman injured in a collision with Newburgh Police Car

October 1, 2009 - Tracey D. v. City of Newburgh Orange County Supreme Court #.7260-2006

Obtained a settlement of $350,000.00 for a young woman who was injured as the result of the reckless operation of a Police car while responding to a call. The case had been declined by two well respected Hudson Valley firms in light of immunity accorded emergency responders. Rosenwasser was able to show that the Police […]

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$785,000.00 settlement for victims of collision at Bronx intersection

January 25, 2009 - W.E. v. Fernandez; Bronx Supreme Court Index # 22995-2003

Obtained a settlement of $785,000.00 in an action commenced in Bronx County just prior to trial for an Orange County couple who were injured in an intersection collision. The original offer to settle the case was $200,000.00. After readying the case for trial the defendants significantly increased their offer to settle.

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Jury Awards $550,000.00 for rear end collision

November 13, 2008 - P.W. & S.W. v. Kind et. al., Index # 5850-2007

Obtained an Orange County Jury verdict in favor of a 68 year old man for injuries sustained in a automobile accident which resulted in damage the plaintiff’s neck and spine. The defendants had offered $150,000.00 to settle prior to the trial before Hon. Elaine Slobod.

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