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Our founding lawyer, who has won major acquittals for clients throughout the Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, Rockland and Orange County NY area, represents child sex crime defendants

Crimes against children, particularly sexual assault, are considered some of the most horrific offenses committed. People accused of child sex crimes are typically vilified and shunned by their friends, family, and community. If that vilification is not enough, those accused also face serious prison time, significant fines, lifetime parole, and registration as a sex offender. To combat these charges you need a lawyer with sex crime defense experience.

Navigating the Child Sex Crime Investigation, Trial and Media

Child sex crime law enforcement officers and prosecutors usually take a very aggressive approach with the accused, often under the eye of the media. Ostrer and Associates is no stranger to high level, publicized cases. You will often see our founding lawyer, Ben Ostrer on the local news and in the regional papers discussing cases that are in the spotlight. A top AV rated attorney, he knows how to preserve your rights and fight to clear you name. From gathering facts and reviewing evidence to interviewing witnesses and searching for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, he and the firm’s team will skillfully create a strategic defense.

We’ll Be There for You from Investigation to Trial

The repercussions of a child sex crime charge are tremendous. Don’t wait until you have been formally charged to retain a lawyer. Call our firm for representation during the investigation stage so we can get started on your defense from the ground floor.

Whether you have made a mistake or are the innocent victim of a false accusation or a misunderstanding, you need an experienced sex crimes lawyer who will has a successful track record. Contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers of Ostrer & Associates, P.C.

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