We’re One of the Hudson Valley’s Most Respected Criminal Defense Law Firms.

Our founding lawyer, who has won major acquittals for clients throughout the Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, Rockland and Orange County NY area, has a reputation for being successful defending clients against false sex offense allegations.

Even if the claims against you are untrue, being accused of a sex offense carries an incredible stigma. Friends, family, and your community may shun you. Your case may be played in the media for all the world to see. If convicted, you face substantial prison time, can lose custody of your children, and must register as a sex offender. Your world will be turned upside down. You may assume because you are innocent that the truth will prevail, but it’s not that simple. You should consult with an attorney the moment there is a whisper of a charge.

Ostrer & Associates Zealously Defends the Falsely Accused

Our founding attorney, Ben Ostrer, has a strong reputation for successfully defending those charged with sex offenses. An AV rated lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in state and federal courts, he and the Ostrer & Associates team will fight to clear your name. We conduct our own detailed examination gathering the facts, interviewing witnesses, and conducting psychological evaluations to show you don’t fit the offender profile. When needed, we also enlist the assistance of medical experts and experienced investigators to uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

If you are innocent victim of a false accusation or a misunderstanding, you need an experienced sex crimes lawyer who will has a successful track record. Contact the criminal defense lawyers of Ostrer & Associates, P.C. for a free consultation

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