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Orange County Criminal Defense Client Found Not Guilty of Murder and Manslaughter Charges

January, 2020

A recent verdict demonstrates the commitment and tenacity of criminal defense attorney Ben Ostrer. David Carlson was accused of murder, manslaughter and related charges as a result of the shooting in Deerpark, New York which occurred in October, 2013. Believing in his innocence, Mr. Ostrer stayed steadfast in his representation of the client, David Carlson, […]

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$1,420,000 Settlement for Orange County Car Accident Victim

Our client was driving along Route 208 in the Village of South Blooming Grove when the Defendant crossed the double yellow line and collided head on into our client’s car at a high rate of speed causing it to spin 180 degrees. As a result of the impact, our client sustained severe injuries and had […]

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We Negotiated Significantly Reduced Charges and Penalties for an Orange County DWI Accident Client

Our client was traveling on Route 17 in the Town of Monroe from New York City to visit a friend in the Catskills. He looked down at his phone for directions and hit the car in front of him. When the police officer arrived at the scene of the accident and questioned our client, he […]

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Judgement of Conviction for First Degree Manslaughter Reversed

Our client, David Carlson, resided on a small farm in a remote, wooded area in Deerpark, New York, in Orange County. In August 2013, Norris Acosta Sanchez appeared on the farm, falsely identifying himself as “Daniel”. Acosta Sanchez claimed to be the caretaker of a nearby camp and asked Carlson if he could do work […]

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People v Carlson

81 N.Y.S.3d 558, 2018 N.Y. Slip Op. 05859

164 A.D.3d 823 Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department, New York. The PEOPLE, etc., respondent, v. David CARLSON, appellant. 2017-03063 (Ind. No. 15-00130) Argued—April 6, 2018 August 22, 2018 Synopsis Background: Defendant was convicted in the County Court, Orange County, Robert H. Freehill, J., of first degree manslaughter, and he appealed. [Holding:] The Supreme Court, […]

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