We provide vigorous and effective representation for clients charged with all types of crimes in Federal, State and Appeals courts. Our experienced team of attorneys is led by Ben Ostrer, a criminal trial attorney with an AV-rating from Martindale-Hubbell. He has won acquittals for defendants in felony and misdemeanor trials - including charges of Homicide, Assault, DWI, Sex Crimes, White Collar offenses - as well as conviction dismissals and judgment reversals on Appeal. The case below is one example.

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We Negotiated an Ultimate Dismissal for an Orange County Client Alleged to Possess 204 Pounds of Marijuana

Our client was stopped by police, driving a rental car, in Montgomery, New York for failing to keep right. During the stop, the officer seized a package that our client had just picked up from Fed Ex. The package contained 204 pounds of marihuana. Our client was arrested and charged with the class “C” felony of Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the 1st Degree, in violation of Penal Law §221.30, and Vehicle and Traffic Law violation of Failure to Use Designated Lane V.T.L. §1120-(a).

Client Faced Substantial Jail Time and Large Fines

The charges against our client were very significant. If convicted, he could have received 5 ½ years in state prison, followed by 2 years of Post Release Supervision (P.R.S.). He was also subject to a fine of up to $15,000, a $300 court surcharge, and a $25 crime victim assistance fee. Additionally, he would also have to submit his DNA to the statewide data bank along with a $50 DNA fee. Given the volume of drugs our client was said to possess, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office intended to present charges to the Orange County Grand Jury.

Ultimate Dismissal

After much negotiation, we were able to persuade the District Attorney’s Office that the seizure of the package was in violation of our client’s Constitutional rights. The District Attorney’s office ultimately reduced the felony charge to a misdemeanor and moved to Adjourn the Case in Contemplation of Dismissal (A.C.D.) for 12 months. As long as our client remained arrest free during that time period, his matter would be dismissed and sealed. He went from facing over 5 years in prison to no jail time or fines.

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Our lawyers explore every avenue of defense by thoroughly reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, and gathering key facts and evidence. We conduct a comprehensive analysis to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated.

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