Outstanding, Dedicated and Very Professional

Ben was recommended to us by an attorney friend who highly recommended him as the “Best Criminal attorney in Orange County”. We experienced that first hand and couldn’t be happier with the outcome and treatment received from Ben and his staff.

Ben kept us informed and met with us regularly to discuss the case and what we should expect. Ben went above and beyond for us and was more then happy to do so. The process was lengthy(1 yr 3mos.) and very emotional. He was always available to talk when needed and gave sound advice and good reason which was very comforting during this long ordeal.

We put all our faith and trust in him for a successful outcome and he continues to not disappoint us by helping with probation statutes.

We cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work and dedication.

Avvo Review – September 28, 2016
Criminal Defense Client

Benjamin Ostrer – Lawyer

If you need a excellent lawyer, Benjamin Ostrer is the way to go. It is difficult to find decent attorneys these days. Benjamin has never given us less then 110% in all that he has done for us. He is trustworthy and puts all his efforts into proving his client’s innocence and it shows. He is smart, quick and knows his work. He always keeps you inform of what is going on with your case. And goes the extra mile not withstanding any barriers. He is a truly a wonderful lawyer and caring person. I thank God and am very grateful to Benjamin for all he has done for my family and we will always be thankful for the rest of our life. He is everything you would want in an attorney and more. He is truly one of a kind lawyer and friend

Avvo Review – November 4, 2008
Criminal Defense Client

Assault Charges

Benjamin Ostrer was highly recommended by a friend who is a very reputable attorney. He confidently said that if someone in his family was in trouble, Ben Ostrer would be the attorney for the case.

Benjamin Ostrer is an “EXCELLENT” Attorney. He is an honorable, righteous, and kind man.

Benjamin Ostrer has not only “successfully” handled our case; He
has been very supportive to our family throughout some very difficult circumstances. Benjamin Ostrer has extended himself beyond what most attorneys would do to help their clients.

His confidence and reassurance have been very “uplifting” during what has been a very difficult year.While our case was pending, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare, complicated, and life-threatening illness. When I discussed our situation with Benjamin Ostrer, he told me to “take care of my husband” and “leave the rest to him”. Having the “utmost” of confidence in Benjamin Ostrer, I was able to do just that. I cannot express the ” burden” that has been lifted from our family because of our trust in him.

We will remain forever touched and extremely grateful to Benjamin Ostrer for all that he has done to help through what has been a very difficult year.

THANK YOU for everything (we are starting to see the sunshine).

Avvo Review – October 5, 2011
Criminal Defense Client

Dedicated To Make A Process Seamless

Ben was recommended to me by other attorneys (divorce, real estate, and business lawyers) as the best criminal attorney I could ever dream of. These other attorneys were 100% correct. Other lawyers have commented on how he is greatly respected, he is extremely informed and there is no delay in achieving success. I did my research to find that Ben Ostrer achieved success on many high-profile cases BUT he is totally dedicated no matter how small or big your case might be. Do not fear the cost – he is very reasonable. The most important issue is that I trust him with my life. You absolutely must meet him to realize that you never need to look further. If you are searching for a successful ending, you need to begin that journey with Ben. You can trust him with your life. I can’t possibly thank him enough for all he has done for me.

Avvo Review – September 28, 2016
Criminal Defense Client

DWI Case

I had a particularly difficult DWI case involving having a minor in the car. I felt a lot of guilt and shame and was very scared of the consequences. My case went on for over a year and Amir made me feel comfortable and assured the entire time. He is very knowledgeable and I was given the very sentence they predicted. I will be forever grateful for the work he did for me.

Avvo Review – December 19, 2018
DWI Client

DUI Client

I was recently a client at this law firm for a DUI case…. I really liked the available of my lawyer to answer my questions and how I was always kept in the loop. In the end it was reduced to a lower, non-criminal charge. I would definitely recommend this law firm to someone looking for an honest, reliable lawyer.

Avvo Review – December 31, 2014
DUI Client

Best lawyer! Saved my life, my future!

Mr. Ostrer is the best! Really! Very honest, experienced, understanding, and kindhearted man! He really saved my life when I got into trouble even though it was not my intention for what I got charged with. My situation was really bad by Mr. Ostrer calmed me down and told me exactly what I had to do. He was willing to fight with me until the end! Most lawyers are only after the money but NOT Mr. Ostrer! He really cares and fights for justice. I bet on my life that you can trust Mr. Ostrer with any trouble that you have. He is #1.

Avvo Review – June 22, 2017
Criminal Defense Client


Working with Ben and his team on my daughter’s case left me highly satisfied. Ben was extremely informative and educated my daughter and myself on what would happen throughout every step of the process. Being in business for many years, Ben is highly knowledgeable and actually cares about his clients. I would use Ben again and also refer him to anyone that needed an attorney. Great law firm!

Avvo Review – June 19, 2018
Criminal Defense Client

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